1. John Lobb SS15. 

    Something old, something new.  Including the adoption of Vass Old English II design oxfords, an austerity U tip with new medallion design, the usage of Hermes-designed buckle from John Lobb Vintage 2010, and a brogued version of John Lobb Vintage 2005.


  2. wellwornwornwell:

    I often come back to the cliché of “buy less, buy better.” To analyze the maxim is to take a fascinating look into the psyche of those most interested in men’s clothing. While it is undoubtedly the campaign slogan of the iGent movement, people don’t seem to really understand it. Instead they use…

  3. ethandesu:

    The Queens Adelaide in VNA 076

    Saint Crispin’s Pret Customised

    Nice new pattern.  Not the original funky Saint Crispin square shaped facing…

  4. ethandesu:

    Model 522B Special with extended punching

    Saint Crispin’s Pret Customised

  5. subskin:

    Saint Crispins.

  6. Atrocities from John Lobb Paris SS15 collection.  From Saint-Crispins-wannabe funky adelaides to summer boots.  From cost-saving machine-stitched aprons faux-norwegian-split-toe derbies to glued-on loafers.

  7. Some insanely beautiful bespoke half brogue oxfords.

    From top to bottom, left to right:

    John Lobb Paris, Yohei Fukuda, George Cleverley Bespoke, Emori Shoemakers, and Anthony Delos Bespoke.




    "A light-weight shoe for smart, but not strictly formal, Town wear. This particular style, which has been copied all over the World, was first created by JOHN LOBB some eighty years ago when shoes first began to take the place of boots. It was designed to meet the demand for a shoe less severe than the plain Oxford yet lighter in style and weight than a fully-brogued shoe. The shoe photographed is of Russia Calf Leather and is one of a pair made for the Paris Exhibition of 1937, at which the Firm was awarded the "Diplome d’honneur". Willow or analine calf are used these days since Russia Calf is no longer made."

    Source: John Lobb St James Catalogue, 1939

  9. Aurun :model Antonius

    Marble grey Museum, bespoke leather

    Beautiful shoes.  Painfully iGent.

    (Source: meccariello-calzoleria)

  10. downeastandout:

    Enzo Bonafe

    (Source: manolo.se)