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    Shoes that I love.

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    Shoe Matrix.

  4. Art Deco.

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    Shoe shine Sunday

  6. John Lobb x SWIMS Overshoes.

  7. Anthony Delos
    Anthony Delos
    John Lobb Paris
    George Cleverley
    Roberto Uglioli
    Gaziano & Girling
    John Lobb Paris
    John Lobb St James
    John Lobb St James
    John Lobb Paris

    Variations on a theme of Plain Oxfords. 

    Single row stitching or double row stitching? Oxford or Galosh? Punched Cap or Plain Cap?  Round Toes or Chisel Toes?




    "Made of waxed calf leather, this shoe is correct for any Town occasion; although Box Calf is now more used with equal effect if preferred. The smart line is enhanced by the beveled "waist" - the centre portion of the sole which joins the front with the heel-which is a feature of all light-weight shoes and contrasts with the square waist used for stouter types such as "Norwegian" or "Shooting" shoes; the punched holes in the toe-cap are sometimes replaced by two narrow rows of stitching."

    Source:John Lobb St. James Catalogue, 1939

  9. The best John Lobb Paris bespoke sample I’ve seen.  High welt stitching per inch, tight waist, shaped heel.

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    Bespoke 2 eyelets with a special patina made by @corthayparis

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